Telehealth is healthcare provided by any means other than a face-to-face visit. Health information is exchanged interactively from one site to another through electronic communications. Telephone consultation, videoconferencing, transmission of still images, e health technologies, patient portals and remote patient monitoring are all considered telehealth/telemedicine services.

Infinity Healthcare Group’s Providers are available for telehealth appointments.

Telehealth should never be used for emergency situations or urgent requests. Emergency communications should be made to the provider’s office or the existing Emergency 911 Services in my community.

You can opt out of the telehealth/telemedicine visit anytime. This will not change your ability to receive care at the office.

Telehealth/telemedicine services can only be provided to patients, who are residing in the State of Florida at the time of this service.

Telehealth/telemedicine is treated in the same manner as a regular office visit. Your financial responsibility will be determined individually and governed by your insurance carrier.

Telehealth/telemedicine visit information will be maintained by the doctors, other healthcare providers and healthcare facilities involved in Your medical care.

Medical information, including medical records, are governed by federal and state laws that apply to telehealth/telemedicine. This includes your right to access your own medical records (and copies of medical records)

Telemedicine cannot be used for emergencies or timesensitive mattersTelehealth/telemedicine may limit a healthcare providers ability to fully diagnosis a condition or disease

Telehealth/telemedicine sessions may not always be possible. Disruptions of signals or problems with the internets infrastructure may cause broadcast and reception problems (e.g., poor picture or sound quality, dropped connections, audio interference) that prevents effective interaction between the doctor, patient and/or staff.

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