Infinity Healthcare Group’s mission is to develop a network of Primary Care Offices that will enable us to successfully execute a high quality of care program and ensure a better quality of life for our patients.

To provide quality care and service to our patients to ensure you and your family have a quality life.


Infinity Healthcare Group’s vision is to become the most trusted name in providing quality primary care medicine in the state of Florida.

Our Medical Staff believes you and your family deserve the best possible medical

Joseph Di Capua is CEO of Infinity Healthcare Group

Joseph started his health care career as CEO of Primary Care Plus in 1998. He recognized the importance of meeting health care demands of seniors cared for in nursing homes and assisted living facilities on Medicare Advantage Plans. His mission to address health care developed a wider vision that serves all Primary Health Care needs.
Infinity Healthcare Group offers quality, primary care medical practices that span from Florida’s East Coast to the SW Florida Coast.

Our goal is to meet the medical needs of our Florida patients 16 years and older.
Infinity Healthcare Group offers numerous health care insurance plans.

It is our desire that your visit exceeds your expectations.

We encourage you to give us feedback, so we can meet your expectations and continue to improve our services.

Commitment to your health and well-being is our most important priority.

Personalized patient care and our proactive approach to preventive care and wellness is what makes the difference at Infinity Healthcare Group.

We are Primary Care Physicians dedicated in helping you and your family meet their healthcare needs.

We have locations throughout the state of Florida, expert healthcare is never far away, we are here for you and your family.

Our Doctors and Staff represent the heart of our unwavering commitment to your well-being.

Infinity Healthcare Group Patient Information:

• Our providers commitment to your health and well-being is our most important priority
• We are committed to exceed your expectations in our unwavering commitment to your well-being.
• Our proactive approach to preventive patient care & wellness makes Infinity Healthcare Group a superior healthcare provider
• Infinity Healthcare Group has locations throughout Florida, expert healthcare is never far away, we are here for you and your family

Receptionists or office staff

These professionals are often the first team members you encounter. Typically, they verify your appointment details, request additional paperwork and process insurance information.

Practice manager or administrators

Practice administrators manage the overall business operations. They may be able to answer your financial questions or direct you to someone in billing to discuss payment plans or discounts.

Medical assistant

Medical assistants may take you to t he exam room, record vital information and record weight and blood pressure. A medical assistant notes your symptoms and presents that information to the physician, but isn’t qualified to offer medical advice.

Technician (or a tech), such as a radiology technician, phlebotomist or laboratory technician

This person performs specialized tasks such as taking X- rays, drawing blood or examining laboratory specimens.


A nurse can provide medical advice, do wellness checks and give vaccinations. Depending on their level of training and state regulations, nurses may be able to do everything from collect tissue samples to write prescriptions.

Physician’s assistant (PA)

PAs are licensed to practice medicine under a physician’s direction. A PA can perform exams, treat minor injuries and interpret lab test results. In some cases, they may prescribe medicine.


More commonly referred to as doctor, physicians attend eight years of schooling and up to eight years of internship and perform exams and tests, diagnose illnesses, administer treatments and prescribe drugs.

Who Answers Your Questions?

Though it depends largely on the practice, nurses may help solve problems and answer questions over the phone; they may also offer advice on when you should schedule an office visit and whether medication side effects you’re experiencing warrant an appointment with a physician. As you’re leaving any physician’s visit, ask how you’ll receive lab results, whether a follow-up visit is required and where you should direct questions.

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